Why Use SIDS Baby Monitors?

SIDS baby monitors are not your usual baby care devices. These apparatuses have been designed and engineered to detect an infant’s movements to ensure that the child is breathing and is safe in the crib.

SIDS – A silent killer

SIDS is, sadly, a syndrome that’s still perplexing medical experts up to now. But one thing is for sure, this continues to claim the lives of young children around the world. We can worry all we can. Or, we can educate ourselves as to the ways which can help prevent this from endangering our child, some of which are:

* Do not, at all costs, subject your child to second-hand smoke. If you’re the mother, do not smoke or get exposed to second-hand smoke at any time during the length of your pregnancy. Once the baby is born, ensure that no one in the household smokes inside the home.

* Children who have tragically died of SIDS have been found to have unusually high amounts of the pathogens staphylococcus and E. coli in their bodies. So ensure that your child only uses clean and sterilized items to minimize risk of bacterial infections.

* Breastfeed as long as you can, even if it’s a very demanding and a literally painful task. When you do so, your child will be healthier and stronger, not to mention get to be fed with food that’s really clean.

There are a handful of other things you can do to help minimize the odds of SIDS. It would be best to seek the assistance of your health-care provider to get qualified advice about the matter.

Difference between audio/video monitors and baby movement monitors

When “baby monitor” is mentioned, what comes to mind is a device that’s akin to a walkie-talkie. But you should keep in mind that there are basically three types of baby monitors, namely the audio monitors, the video monitors, and the baby movement monitors.

Audio monitors function by transmitting all the sounds coming from the monitored room. So all the sounds your baby makes—or the audible ones that can be picked up by the microphone at least—will be heard.

Video monitors, meanwhile, work much like surveillance cameras. These devices transmit real-time video feeds of the goings-on inside the monitored room. So all transmissions can be seen and heard through the device’s display.

Baby movement monitors, on the other hand, are nifty gadgets that keep track of an infant’s breathing movements. These devices are rigged with state of the art sensor systems to enable detection of even the slightest and the littlest rise and fall movements coming from the baby’s tummy and chest. Most popular baby movement monitors currently are Snuza Halo, Snuza Go and Angelcare.

Baby movement monitors are necessary child care devices. Not only do these gadgets monitor movements, but alert parents and carers when absence of such is detected. This way, the crucial intervention can be performed to help save baby’s life.

Get some peace of mind, and some hours of restful sleep too!

Peace of mind and restful sleep are hard to come by when you’ve got a newborn to attend to. The constant nagging worry, the need to frequently check on baby, can all have its toll. So instead of losing your mind and hours of precious sleep, use a baby movement monitor.

Better yet, create a comprehensive baby monitoring system by utilizing a baby movement monitor alongside audio and video monitors! This way, you’ll be less anxious since you know an extensive set of electronic devices is there to monitor your baby’s condition. And when you do so, you’ll find sleep easier to come by. You’ll feel more rested too, thus giving you more energy to take care of your baby more efficiently everyday.

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