What are Baby Movement Monitors?

Baby movement monitors are highly efficient electronic bio-sensory devices. These gadgets have been designed to be reliable tracking mechanisms for breathing movements. This way, young children, especially those under the age of 1, are properly monitored and guarded from the sinister killer that is SIDS.

How These Devices Work

Baby movement monitors function by recording vibrations. This is made possible by the highly sensitive sensors that are rigged within these devices. The sensors perform an uninterrupted detection of vibrations, and when none are recorded, the alert systems then trigger audible alarms, or continuous flashing lights, or both, to warm parents that the monitored baby failed to move within a given period of time.

Typical Designs These Gadgets Come In

Baby movement monitors are sold in an array of constructions and designs. However, these devices come in two major types, namely the clip-on and the under-the-mattress types.

The clip-on types, much like the name suggests, are baby movement monitors that are designed to be lightweight and mobile. Also, these typically attach onto the articles of clothing worn by the monitored infants.

Under-the-mattress designs, on the other hand, are baby movement monitors that come with sensor pads. These pads require to be positioned stably, and ideally, permanently too, under the bed or sleeping mat of the child who needs to be monitored.

Use For Co-Sleeping

Clip-on types deliver more reliable movement monitoring especially in cases where the baby shares a bed with parents or other siblings. Since the clip-on monitor stays attachedonto the child’s article of clothing, which in this case is normally on the diaper waistband, then only the baby’s up and down tummy movements are detected and nothing more.

Under-the-mattress baby movement monitors, on the other hand, are not advisable for use during co-sleeping arrangements. Bear in mind that the sensor pads will detect all types of vibrations that come from atop the mattress, whether or not these come from the baby. So if baby shares the bed, with say, another sibling, and baby stops breathing for whatever reason, then the monitor won’t sound off the alarm since vibrations coming from the baby’s sibling is still being recorded.

Most Common Settings

A number of manufacturers produce baby movement monitors right now. This of course makes available a handful of different product features to consumers as well, and the most notable ones are:

1.    Time Settings. Both the clip-on and under-the-mattress baby movement monitors come built in with time controls. Such enables tweaking of the time it will take for the device to set off the alarm in the event of non-movement. Normally, the default factory configurations of these devices are set to alarm after no movement is recorded within 20 seconds. But there are some brands which allow setting the time to as early as 15 seconds.

2.    Vibration Stimulus. Another useful setting worth mentioning is the presence of vibration stimulus. Baby movement monitors that are built in with this feature set off vibrations whenever non-movement within a set period is recorded. This way, the monitored baby can be roused from sleep so as to prod him or her to resume breathing again. But bear in mind though that not all brands feature this. Under-the-mattress types are definitely not equipped with the rouse stimulus, and only a handful of mobile clip-on brands showcase such design.


Some manufacturers have designed their baby movement monitors to feature additional settings which definitely come in handyon a daily basis.Some of the most notable of the supplementary settings are:

1.    Room Thermometer. The brand Angelcare comes equipped with a room thermometer. Plus this feature allows setting of desired temperature ranges.Should temperature in the baby’s nursery go out of the configured range, an alarm will trigger notifying the parent of such.

2.    Night Light. Another convenient feature and one which comes in the Angelcare brand again is the night light.The night light on Angelcare’s nursery unit automatically switches onwhen the entire assembly is powered. Such is useful as it minimizes the need to turn on the main lights in the room whenever checking in on baby during the middle of the night.

We parents have been kept awake with worry because of SIDS. But this need not have to be the case anymore as we can always turn to baby movement monitors to aid us in watching over our precious children.

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