Top Three Baby Movement Monitors Reviewed

Shopping for baby movement monitors can definitely be a challenging task for new and longtime parents alike. With the market saturated with tons of brands and models of these devices, it can be quite hard to decide which to buy for your darling newborn’s movement monitoring needs.This review of the top three baby movement monitors aims to help you shop so that you truly get to purchase a brand and model that will best meet your particular demands and requirements.


Angelcare is one of the most sought after brands right now.As a matter of fact, it is the most preferred by parents who require monitoring in a fixed position, that is, inside the crib or bed. Below are the most crucial features this brand showcases:

•    Sensor Pads Fine-Tuning. Angelcare comes with two highly efficient sensor pads. The detection system of these pads is so effective that their sensitivity levels can be regulated. Such functionality is crucial as it helps make sure that false alarms are kept at a minimum always.

•    Ticking Sound Setting. Aside from counting on the device to alert us in case our children fail to move, we parents would also like to be constantly updated of our babies’ breathing. Such is possible with the Angelcare through its ticking sound feature. It can be set on the device so that it outputs ticking sounds to indicate baby’s continued breathing movements. If the ticking stops, then it means the baby has ceased from moving too. This feature is crucial as it let’s us constantly “hear” our babies’ every move and vibration.

•    Dual Power Source. The Angelcare’s main component which is the nursery unit can be plugged into a mains power source. It can also be set with regular AAA batteries. This way, the device will still continue with the movement monitoring even if there is a power outage in your area.

Snuza Halo

Snuza Halo comes from the leading manufacturer of bio-sensory devices Biosentronics. Snuza Halo is perhaps the most sought after among the many mobile baby movement monitors right now. With so many handy functionalities aside from movement monitoring, it is no wonder this is the case.

•   Rouse Stimulus. What sets this brand apart from its counterparts is its rouse stimulus feature. It works by releasing gentle vibrations designed to stir baby to breathe again should non-movement be detected by the gadget.

•    Really AudibleAlarm. This baby movement monitor features one of the most efficient alarm systems in the market right now. Its sound alarm is really loud that it can be heard even if you’re in the basement, drowned by the washer’s constant hum.

•    Mobility. Of course, Snuza Halo has been mainly designed and engineered to enable reliable baby movement monitoring even while on the go.

•   Independent Monitoring. And because of its placement in the diaper waistband, separate monitoring is then enabled. So if baby needs to share the bed with older siblings, you can rest easy knowing that your infant child is still being monitored.

Snuza Go

This is Biosentronics’ basic baby movement monitor design. Aside from being slightly cheaper than Snuza Halo, Snuza Go is noted for a number of its nifty functionalities too.

•    Programmable Time. The Snuza Go’s time settings can be easily configured to 15 seconds or 18 seconds if you want to. This way, you can set the sound alarm to trigger earlier than the normal 20-second threshold.

•    Mobility. Snuza Go has also been devised to enable mobile baby movement monitoring. So you can bring baby anywhere with you, and rest easy knowing that your precious child still gets the monitoring he or she needs.

•    Independent Monitoring. Snuza Go’s placement in the baby’s diaper waistband enables separate monitoring too. So baby can co-sleep with other siblings in the crib, or share the bed with you and your partner, and still be monitored reliably during the rest of the night.

As with any purchase, it is crucial that you first evaluate your particular requirements and demands and ensure that these are present in the brand and model you acquire. Utilize the Internet to help you better shop around. This way, you need not have to physically go to the store just to check out each and every brand’s features and price.

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