Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor Review

In this EXCLUSIVE Snuza Halo review find out how You too can prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), save your child’s life and get a good night’s sleep using Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor:

* Why you should care about SIDS?
* What is a Baby Movement Monitor?
* How Snuza Halo works?
* What’s included?
* What others are saying?
* Where to get Snuza Halo?

The Silent Killer That Is SIDS

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I have always been terrified of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. I know of a dedicated young couple who have unfortunately lost their child to this sinister killer. As if the whole unexpected and sudden death factor isn’t enough, the idea that medical professionals still don’t know what causes it is particularly disturbing.

But while unnerving, we parents can always educate ourselves about the various risk factors for SIDS. And taking precautionary measures by using the ingenious baby movement monitor product Snuza Halo can definitely lessen the anxiety.

I am Una, a mother of a beautiful and lively one-year old daughter Charlotte. My child reaching this big milestone in her life has not been easy, particularly for me and for my husband. We treasure every second we have with Charlotte. What we were not keen on, and have been the cause of many frantic nights, were the moments when she was asleep.

What I Looked For in a Baby Movement Monitor?

I can’t let SIDS take away my child! That’s why I took it upon myself to investigate baby movement monitors thoroughly even while still early on in my pregnancy. And I have found out that a number of crucial features have to be present in these products.

Superior design. Just as the name suggests, these products work by monitoring the movement of the baby. Once the apparatus senses lack of movement from the baby, then an alarm will automatically go off to alert the child’s parents or caregiver to act immediately. Of course, for a tiny machine to be able to do this effectively, it has to be of high-grade design and engineering.

Portability. There were times I had to bring Charlotte with me on errands. Of course, we would always bring her with us for visits to grandma and grandpa too. This is why I made sure that the baby movement monitor product I acquired was one that is sturdy yet handy and lightweight.

Compact. It was crucial for me to demand a compact baby movement monitor as I wanted to steer clear of wires and cables that could potentially harm Charlotte.

Why Snuza Halo Fit the Bill?

After hours of scouring the web for baby movement monitors, I came across Snuza Halo. While I was immediately impressed with the product, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just reading through marketing stuff. I searched for reviews written by end users, parents who are as worried of SIDS as I am.

And these are the features I came across:

1. Movement monitor and rouse apparatus in one. Snuza Halo not only monitors baby movements. If it fails to detect movement in a period of 15 seconds, gentle vibrations will be released to wake your baby up to “remind” him or her to breathe. If after more than 5 seconds no movement is detected, then Snuza Halo will automatically release an alarm.

2. Highly effective sensors. Snuza Halo is equipped with sensors that are able to detect even the faintest breathing movement of your baby.

3. Extremely loud alarm. Snuza Halo sets off a really loud alert sound. So you can perform tasks around the house and not worry about missing the alarm in case something goes awry in the nursery.

4. Portable and compact. Snuza Halo is not bulky and does not require external power. You won’t have to worry about having to plug it to an electrical outlet. You won’t have to fuss about wires, which by the way can be potentially dangerous to your child too.

5. Ideal for use everywhere. Because it is portable and compact, you can then use it everywhere baby sleeps.

6. Precise readings every time. The movement monitor’s position atop the infant’s abdomen translates to efficient detection.

7. Ergonomically designed. The device is a mere 30 grams in weight. It has no sharp edges and easily latches on to the diaper waistband without affecting your baby’s comfort or mobility.

8. Can be used with other devices. You can easily use Snuza Halo with other apparatuses such as baby video/audio monitors.

9. Ideal for co-sleeping. Provides more precise detection than under-the-mattress movement monitors especially if twins or multiples co-sleep in a crib. Furthermore, since it does not utilize sensor pads, then it is the only device which can be utilized during instances where baby needs to sleep in your bed.

10. Safe for use on small infants. Ideal for use on monitoring even small or premature babies.

11. Clips on stably. Stays clipped on to the diaper waistband so you won’t have to worry about the device accidentally or unnecessarily slipping off.

12. Handy LED indicators. LED indicators are positioned right in front of the monitor so that you can easily see if the gadget has been properly switched on. Low battery indicators have been supplied as well so that you’ll know when to replace them. Plus, the lights are bright enough that you can easily see them blinking through your baby’s onesies or pajamas.

13. Hypoallergenic materials. All the materials used in Snuza Halo are guaranteed medical-grade hypoallergenic plastic and rubber. So you need not worry about allergies or skin irritations. And the rubber tip containing the sensor is very soft so injuring your child’s tummy area is highly unlikely.

14. Battery can be readily replaced. The batteries are guaranteed to last for one year. But should you find the need to replace them, or you intend to use the monitor later for future children, then you can readily place an order for the batteries for around $20 to $30.

15. Sturdy and cleans easily. The device has survived a number of accidental falls. Plus we got to easily clean off the filth with warm water and mild soap after a few diaper accidents.

What’s Included?

When we purchased our Snuza Halo, these items were included in the box:

An instruction manual complete with diagrams is included. Tips on how to best use and troubleshoot the product are included in the manual too.

A handy plastic case is supplied as well.

What Others are Saying?

Other parents have given their opinions about Snuza Halo and the following are some of their feedback:

“Snuza Halo doesn’t only provide constant monitoring of my baby’s breathing and movements. It has also afforded me precious hours of restful sleep, something I was unable to enjoy before I used this device.”

“My husband and I highly recommend Snuza Halo for all expectant parents out there! Such a reasonable price for the confidence and peace of mind it provides.”

“This is one of the best inventions made that truly guards against SIDS!”

“A one-time purchase that monitors if my baby is breathing or not? Surely the best buy I have ever made so far!”

“I have nothing but praise and appreciation for Snuza for creating a device that really saves lives!”

“I pay tons on baby care products such as cribs, strollers, diapers, and all that stuff. But none has been as worthwhile a purchase as Snuza Halo.”

“If you’re looking for the best baby shower gift, something that will really be of use to a friend, then Snuza Halo is the answer!”

Any Complaints?

I have tried Snuza Halo and found it to be a highly effective baby movement monitor. But of course, given that there is no perfect machine out there, there are some issues which other parents have observed as well.

Can be challenging to clip on. As was mentioned, Snuza Halo is meant to be attached onto the baby’s diaper waistband. This is so the rubber tip containing the sensor rests as close to the baby’s tummy as possible to ensure precise readings every time. However, the task of attaching the monitor can be tricky at first. But this will no longer be a problem once you get used to this task after a couple of tries.

Can be challenging to turn off. Snuza Halo can be a little challenging to switch off once its alarm sets off. But if you ask me, it’s not really an annoying factor at all. It just goes to show that the product is effective as it ensures accidental switching off will be ruled out.

Where to purchase Snuza Halo?

Fortunately, Snuza Halo can be availed through a number of accessible channels. A handful of popular online stores, one of which is, carry this product. Plus you’ll get to take advantage of other perks such as huge discounts and same-day shipping if you buy online too.