Snuza Halo VS Snuza Go

Snuza Halo and Snuza Go are cordless baby movement monitors from the manufacturer Biosentronics. Both Snuza monitors are mobile, battery powered and while they may look almost identical, there are some crucial differences you should be aware of.

I will compare these two products here to help you decide on a model that best answers your requirements.

Movement Monitoring. Both Snuza Halo and Snuza Go feature state of the art design and engineering. So you can expect only the most comprehensive and efficient movement monitoring for your precious child from both these high-tech models.

Audible Alarm. Snuza Halo and Snuza Go are both equipped with alarm systems that trigger when non-movement is detected. Needless to say, the alarms on both models are very loud to ensure that the baby’s parents and/or childminder get to be alerted timely. So you can be in the opposite part of the house, drowned in the constant hum of the washer or the screaming of other children, yet be assured that you’ll hear if and when the alarm sets off.

Rouse Feature. The rouse feature is a function that gets activated after non-movement for 15 seconds is detected. It works by releasing vibrations that are strong enough to nudge baby and “remind” him or her to breathe. Snuza Halo is equipped with this function, while Snuza Go is not.

Mobile. Both Snuza Halo and Snuza Go have been designed with mobile baby movement monitoring in mind. So you can bring baby anywhere with you, and still get to count on constant monitoring when using any of these devices.

Mode of Attachment. As was said, mobile baby movement monitoring was the core principle for designing Snuza Halo and Snuza Go. This of course translates to easy and quick use. Both models don’t require any preliminary set-up. Whichever model you choose, you simply take it out of the box, attach it into your baby’s diaper waistband, turn it on, and monitoring commences at once!

Ergonomic Design. Both these models of baby movement monitors feature a sleek and attractive design. Both devices are fairly small too. Use any of the models and baby won’t even notice it’s attached into his or her diaper’s waistband. What’s best, the sensor tips are encased in very soft and flexible rubber to rule out injury and ensure maximum breathing movement detection every single time.

Use for Co-Sleeping. Both Snuza Halo and Snuza Go are ideal for use in co-sleeping. In fact, these baby movement monitors from Snuza are your best choice for such sleeping arrangements. If you have twins or multiples, you can count on maximum detection of your children’s breathing movements by attaching a monitor into each baby’s diaper waistband. Furthermore, either of these models can be used by your baby especially if he or she sleeps in the same bed as you. This way, you no longer have to suffer sleepless nights for constantly fearing of accidentally suffocating your child.

Power Source. Snuza Halo and Snuza Go are both battery operated. So you won’t have to fuss about cords, and not worry about cables from potentially causing harm to your child. Plus, both models are equipped with ultra-reliable rechargeable lithium batteries that are guaranteed to last for at least one year.

User-Replaceable Battery. The batteries of both Snuza Halo and Snuza Go are user-replaceable. Once your unit’s battery gets depleted, you simply place an order for the special 14250 battery, and perform the replacement on your own. So you can extend the life of the device and use it in the future should you and your partner decide to add some more children to the family.

Replaceable Clip. We all know how most moving parts of small electronic devices get to be damaged first. And the clips at the back of Snuza Halo and Snuza Go are the ones that bear most of the brunt during use. Fortunately, these clips on both Snuza models are user-replaceable too.

As you can clearly see – while both Snuza monitors are feature rich, there are some important differences. In my opinion, the most crucial being Rouse feature in Snuza Halo.

If you’re interested in more detailed information on each monitor, please take a look at my extended baby movement monitor reviews here.

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