Snuza Halo VS Angelcare

Snuza Halo and Angelcare are undoubtedly two of the most compared baby movement monitor brands right now. So if you are confused as to which model to obtain, then this point-by-point comparison should help you decide.

  • Movement Monitoring. Both Snuza Halo and Angelcare provide efficient monitoring of baby movements. However, each features very different sensor designs. Snuza Halo is compact and its sensors are contained within the tip of the device itself. Angelcare, on the other hand, comes with sensor pads that are meant to be positioned underneath the mattress where baby will sleep.
  • Rouse Feature. This function works by releasing gentle vibrations when non-movement within a given period of time is detected. Furthermore, these vibrations are adequate to wake baby up to prod him or her to breathe. Snuza Halo is equipped with this feature while Angelcare is not.
  • Placement. A baby movement monitor’s placement is crucial for correct and timely detection. Snuza Halo is positioned right around the baby’s tummy area. Since Snuza Halo’s sensors are very close to the child’s abdomen where most of the breathing movements occur, then detection is efficient.Angelcare, on the other hand, requires its sensor pads to be placed underneath the mattress or mat where baby will sleep. Because of the barrier, and because baby can get squirmy and move away from the sensors, then detection can sometimes be faulty. This is why Angelcare made sure to provide a setting that enables tweaking of the sensor pads’ sensitivity levels whenever necessary.
  • Mobile. Snuza Halo is a mobile device. Clip the device into your baby’s diaper waistband and start monitoring right away. And movement detection is not only limited to when baby is in the crib or cot. The child can be in the car, or on a different bed, and monitoring can still be done. Meanwhile, Angelcare has to be placed in a fixed position, that is, the sensors have to be permanently placed under the mattress. So bringing the device with you, say, for quick visit to friends, is out of the question.
  • Effectiveness in Monitoring Co-Sleeping Children. Snuza Halo is ideal for co-sleeping arrangements as the device has been designed to monitor a child independently. Twins and multiples who share a crib or cot can be monitored separately and effectively if each wears a Snuza Halo in their diaper waistband. Angelcare, on the other hand, is not meant for use in co-sleeping arrangements. To demonstrate why: Say, you have twins who share a crib. If one child stopped breathing for whatever reason, the device won’t alarm as movement from the other child is still being detected.
  • Power Source. Snuza Halo is exclusively battery powered. There are no cords and cables to worry about. Angelcare, on the other hand, requires mains power. Its cords have to be tucked away properly to rule out any potential risks from these cables. Angelcare’s main apparatus, called the nursery unit, can be placed with regular AAA batteries to ensure availability of uninterrupted power source during electrical outages.
  • Programmable. Both Snuza Halo and Angelcare feature multiple buttons for maximum programmability. You can easily configure each device to activate the many features and functions that come with each brand of baby movement monitor you choose.
  • Ancillary Features. Snuza Halo provides the vibration stimulus which is strong enough to rouse baby at any time breathing movements are not detected within a given 15-second period. Angelcare, meanwhile, has a built-in temperature control. The feature allows setting temperature ranges and the unit sets off alerts every time the temperature in the nursery is below or above the set range. Angelcare’s nursery unit also comes equipped with a soothing nightlight to enable seeing through the nursery without necessarily turning the room’s main lights on.

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