Snuza Halo Review

Snuza Halo is one of the many baby movement monitor brands currently out in the market today. It is from the trusted innovator of baby care products Biosentronics. If you are thinking of buying one in preparation for your baby’s birth, then let my firsthand experience with this amazing device assist you in your research on these gadgets.


Keeping track of baby’s breathing movements used to mean monitoring can only be done within baby’s crib. But this is no longer the case when you use Snuza Halo as mobility is one of its many smartfeatures. Simply attach the device into baby’s diaper waistband, turn on the device, and movement monitoring can commence. So you can put baby to sleep in his or her usual bed, or have baby in the car seat, and still get to count on reliable monitoring every time.

Vibration Stimulation

Snuza Halo is perhaps the only brand of baby movement monitor which has the vibration stimulation feature. The device releases gentle vibrations that are just about enough to rouse baby at any time no movement is detected within 15 seconds. Furthermore, the indicator lights will flash orange instead of the usual green to warn you that no movement was recorded.

Rouse Warning

Snuza Halo will trigger an audible alert every time there are threeconsecutive vibration stimulations recorded. This feature is indeed useful as it guarantees that we will be warned as to how frequently our babies encounter such incidents so that we can seek the proper medical care for them.

Combined Vibration and Audible Alarm

If a fourth non-movement incident is detected, both the vibration stimulation and alarm system will be triggered by Snuza Halo. This way, the baby will surely be nudged from sleep to “remind” him or her to breathe, while you’re by your baby’s side performing the necessary intervention.

Audible Ticking Sounds

We can’t always be by our babies’ bedside to track their breathing. So naturally we’d want to have a gadget that will not only record breathing movements and alert us when none is detected, but one that will constantly let us “hear” the monitoring. Such is programmable in the Snuza Halo. Simply activate the device’s ticking sound feature, and steady audible “ticks” can be heard indicating baby’s continued breathing. Ifind this setting a very useful one as it lets me know in real time if my child is indeed safe and just sound asleep. So if you’re like me who is truly paranoid and constantly worries, then you’ll definitely thank this handy feature.


Snuza Halo is positioned right where most of the breathing movements occur which isjust on top of baby’s tummy. Needless to say, such proximity guarantees only the most accurate readings every single time. Such a placement is good for monitoring multiples as well. If you have twins, then you can set a Snuza Halo on each child to ensure both are monitored independently. And you need not worry about the gadget injuring your child at all. The entire device is a mere 30 grams so it won’t weigh down on baby’s abdomen. Plus it doesn’t have any dangerous protruding parts as it was designed to be compact.

Movement Rate Recording

If you’re curious to know how often your baby ceases to move in a minute, then you will when you use Snuza Halo. Sure the device won’t give you the exact number. But it will let you know if it detects less than 8 movements per minute.

User-Replaceable Battery

Snuza Halo’s battery can be replaced for the reasonable amount of about $25-$30. And you need not have to send in the whole device back to Biosentronics anymore since you can perform the battery replacement on your own. So if you’re planning to have more babies, then you can always re-use your good old Snuza Halo so that all your future children can get to benefit from this crucial baby movement monitoring device.

What’s best, Snuza Halo requires uncomplicated maintenance. Dab a lint-free cloth into a gentle liquid cleanser, wipe the device clean with it, and your Snuza Halo will be as good as new.

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