Snuza GO Baby Movement Monitor Review

In this EXCLUSIVE Snuza Go review find out how You too can prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), save your child’s life and get a good night’s sleep using Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor:

* Why you should care about SIDS?
* What is a Baby Movement Monitor?
* How Snuza Go works?
* What’s included?
* What others are saying?
* Where to get Snuza Go?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is not a bogeyman that doctors just invented and sometimes invoke to scare a parent straight. It is a very real and very possible tragedy. Although my family has been fortunate enough to be spared, a friend of mine was not so lucky with her 4-month old baby. The two characteristics of SIDS that really gets to me, and probably for other mothers as well, is that (1) it happens when your baby is asleep, and (2) there isn’t any immediate or directly identifiable cause.

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Needless to say, I read EVERY material I could get my hands on about this crib killer. And when my daughter Charlotte was born, I used every preventive measure I learned. Among the various methods I implemented, there was one small piece of plastic that helped me get some sleep through the first year of Charlotte’s life. It’s a portable baby movement monitor called Snuza Go.


How Baby Movement Monitors Work?

I would have to say that baby movement monitors are one of the most brilliant baby care inventions since the disposable diaper. As much as you want to be by your baby’s side 24/7, it’s not just physically possible. It’s particularly dangerous if he or she is sleeping.

With a baby movement monitor, you can be in another room doing some other chore and still retain some peace of mind. This gadget is basically a movement sensor that can detect even the slight rise and fall of your baby’s chest as he or she breathes.

It will make a loud alarm when no movement is detected from the baby!

Features that Met My Needs

So my husband and I did some comparison shopping, and quickly learned about the various kinds of baby movement monitors. Some are designed as sensor pads to be placed under the crib’s mattress. Others are made to be in direct contact with the baby’s skin. Some are battery operated. Others use an external power source. Snuza Go got my attention because it had the exact combination of features I was looking for.

1. Portable. The one defining feature of the Snuza Go that I find most helpful is its portability. The sensor pad types are all good and effective but they are not exactly something you can bring anywhere and set up. I can bring it along with me wherever I may take Charlotte along. It’s good for use while your baby’s in the car seat, in your bed, and of course, in the crib.

2. Hypersensitive detectors. The sensors found at the tip and covered with rubber is very sensitive. So even the most delicate breathing movements of infants can be monitored.

3. Very audible alarm. Snuza Go releases a very loud alert sound. So you can be in the opposite part of the house, drowned in the noise of running appliances or playing children, yet you’ll surely hear it when it goes off.

4. Highly accurate readings. The sensors rest on top of the baby’s abdomen. This placement is such so that the rise and fall of the baby’s tummy is properly monitored to guarantee precise detection every time.

5. Convenient power source. This monitor is battery powered so can be used anytime and anywhere your baby sleeps.

6. Compact. It has no need for external plugs, wires or any sort of cables. You can easily imagine how such components could be dangerous for a baby.

7. Ergonomic construction. The movement monitor is small and light. It weighs only around an ounce. It is a very sensibly designed baby movement monitor. It has a compact shape, has no protrusions or sharp and angled surfaces. The end part that actually serves as the sensor is meant to be kept constantly in contact with the baby’s tummy. But the baby will hardly feel it as it is made of very soft rubber.

8. Uncomplicated operation. The Snuza Go is so simple to use—switch it on, clip it securely to the diaper’s or pants’ elastic waistband, and you and baby are ready to go.

9. Ideal for use in a variety of sleeping arrangements. Snuza Go is a dedicated movement monitor. So if you have twins or multiples, each baby can be monitored independently even if they all sleep in the same crib.

10. Can be used to monitor even tiny babies. Snuza Go is safe for use even on small or premature babies.

11. Stable clip-on feature. Snuza Go attaches snugly and stably onto the diaper waistband. So the chances of false alarms because the device accidentally fell off are ruled out.

12. Presence of light indicators. An indicator that will blink and alert you to change the batteries has been supplied. A movement-rate indicator is present as well and will go off when fewer than 8 movements per minute are detected. And all these LEDs are bright enough that you can see them blinking through a thick pajama.

13. Hypoallergenic. The rest of the gadget is made from what they call hypoallergenic plastics. The same type they use for medical instruments. Charlotte never once got fussy about her Snuza Go and as far as I can tell, never developed a rash because of it.

14. Programmable. Another feature I liked about this baby movement monitor is how sensitive the alarm is. The audio alarm goes off as soon as no movement is detected within a set period of time. The Snuza Go’s sensitivity can be set at 15, 18 or 20 seconds too.

15. User-replaceable batteries – Snuza Go can be used for successive children as its batteries can be replaced easily for a reasonable cost of around $20 to $30.

What’s Included?

A handful of useful items come included when you purchase Snuza Go.

A comprehensive user manual is supplied. It features useful diagrams to aid you in correct usage of the movement monitor. Tips on how to configure and troubleshoot the device are detailed as well.

A protective carry-case made of plastic is provided.

What Others are Saying?

These are what other parents have said about Snuza Go:

“This is the most important baby care product I purchased. Nothing is more important than my child’s safety and for a very reasonable price of Snuza Go I was able to ensure this.”

“I am not a first-time mom so you can just imagine how deprived of sleep I am. But after I’ve heard of Snuza Go from a friend, I quickly bought it even before I delivered my newest baby. Needless to say, I’ve been able to get more hours of sleep now thanks to Snuza Go. Wish I knew of this baby movement monitor product back then!”

A Few Complaints

Just like any modern consumer, part of my pre-purchase research about the product was skimming through online user reviews. Not surprisingly, most of them were positive but to be fair, I should also mention some of the complaints.

Battery issue. There was one case where the battery, which was supposed to last for a year, conked out after three months. This is obviously an issue with a product you particularly expect to work continuously without fail. The upside is that the batteries on Snuza Go monitors are actually replaceable.

Battery power on any gadget is always dependent on usage. The important thing for those who choose this monitor is to always check the power before using it. Always take a look at the indicator light if it’s blinking or colored red. That means the battery is low and needs to be replaced.

Concern on the clip-on feature. Another issue that I came across was how sometimes it was difficult to get the monitor to stay clipped onto the diaper when the baby started to become more mobile. I personally had the same experience when Charlotte began to get squirmy and this resulted in the occasional false alarm.

The good side of it for me was that I was able to confirm without a doubt the Snuza Go’s sensitivity. As soon as the sensor lost contact with my baby’s skin, it set off. I was able to resolve the issue by making sure that the diapers I used were an exact fit. This became less of a problem with onesies.

Where to purchase Snuza Go?

Yes it’s true that Snuza Go and other baby products from Snuza are a bit high-end. Depending on where you buy it the Go can range from around $90 to a little over a $100. But all in all, I would have to say that this baby movement monitor is worth every penny.

The peace of mind and the numerous restful nights I had because of it far exceed the price. What’s best, Snuza Go can be conveniently purchased online from Plus, you’ll get to take advantage of promos such as same-day shipping if you order online: