Snuza Go vs. Angelcare

If you’re in the market for a baby movement monitor, then you’ve probably heard of Snuza Go and Angelcare. Both serve their intended function well, that is, to keep track of baby’s breathing movements. This makes selecting a little tricky of course. So if you’re having a hard time deciding on which brand to buy, then this guide should help.

•    Movement Monitoring. Both Snuza Go and Angelcare feature state of the art design and engineering making them two of the most effective baby care devices right now.

•    Sensor Design. Snuza Go is a portable baby movement monitor. Its sensors are contained within the tip of the device itself. Angelcare, on the other hand, is a baby movement monitor that utilizes sensor pads.

•    Placement. Snuza Go, being a mobile baby care device, has been designed to attach quickly and easily into the baby’s diaper waistband. Simply make sure the device is positioned right atop the baby’s tummy when clipping it on to ensure precise detection every single time. Angelcare, meanwhile, requires that its sensor pads be placed on a rigid and level base prior to covering them with the mattress.

•    Mobile. Snuza Go can be used anywhere baby has to be. So you can bring your child any time with you and still get to count on the apparatus to monitor your infant’s breathing movements. Angelcare, on the other hand, requires assembling and placing in a permanent position. Its sensor pads have to permanently set underneath the mattress so lugging the device around with you and baby is out of the question.

•    Use for Co-Sleeping. Snuza Go is a good choice for co-sleeping arrangements. Since the device is positioned near the baby’s abdomen, then you can count on the device to pick up only the baby’s breathing movements. So if you have to monitor two or more babies, then you can do so by clipping a Snuza Go each into their diaper waistbands. Angelcare, meanwhile, is not meant for use on cribs or cots used for co-sleeping. This is because the sensor pads will pick up any movement atop the mattress. So say you sleep on the same bed with your child. If baby stops breathing for whatever reason, the monitor won’t trigger an alert of the incident since the device is still picking up vibrations that are coming from you.

•    Power Source. Snuza Go’s power comes wholly from the built in rechargeable battery. Also, the battery is meant to last for at least one year with continued use of 18 hours per day. It can be readily replaced by you for a reasonable cost of around $20 to $30. As with Angelcare, its nursery unit requires to be plugged into an electrical outlet. However, if you would like to have a backup power supply in case electrical outages occur, then you can put in regular AAA batteries into the nursery unit. The handheld transceiver called the parent’s unit, meanwhile, uses specially supplied NIMH batteries that can be recharged utilizing the provided cradle charger.

•    Programmable. Snuza Go sets off an alarm every time no movement is detected for 20 seconds. This is the default factory settings though. You can easily configure the device so that the alarm triggers after non-movement for 15 or 18 seconds. Angelcare, on the other hand, features a handful of settings which can be readily configured too. The sensor pads’ sensitivity levels can be easily changed to eliminate false alarms. The nursery unit is equipped with temperature controls as well. You can set the minimum and maximum temperatures and the unit will alert you in case the temperature goes out of the set range. The nursery unit comes built-in with a soothing nightlight as well. So the need to switch on the main lights during brief checks on the baby will no longer be necessary.

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