How to Operate Angelcare

Angelcare is one of the most popular under-the-mattress baby movement monitor brands today. Use this simplified guide to facilitate quick assembly and use of the device.

Preparing Baby’s Cot or Crib

Angelcare’s sensor pads have to be placed on a stable and level crib or cot base. This is so the sensors press constantly and firmly into the mattress to ensure correct detection. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this:
Devise a specially cut plywood that’s at least 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick to cover the base’s full size.
Tailor cut a piece of 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick plywood with the exact dimensions as that of the sensor pads.

Positioning Sensor Pad/s

Angelcare’s sensor pads come in one-sensor and two-sensor pad packages. To position:
1.    If what you have is the former, then place the single pad exactly in the middle of the cot or crib.
2.    If you have the two-sensor package, put in the first pad on the region where baby’s head will rest. Meanwhile, the second pad has to be around the foot of the crib where baby’s feet will be.
3.    Use cable or zip ties to secure the pad/s to the cot or crib’s base.
4.    Put in the mattress afterwards. Make sure that the cords of the sensor pads have been run underneath the mattress and onto the floor so these don’t pose danger to your child.

Setting Up Nursery Unit

The nursery unit is the device roughly shaped triangle with a ring handle that doubles as a nightlight. To assemble:
1.    Hook up the sensor pad cord into the nursery unit.
2.    Take out supplied AC adapter, connect to the nursery unit, and plug adapter into the nearest electrical outlet.

NOTE: Consider putting in 4 regular AAA batteries into the nursery unit. This will serve as a backup power source in case electrical power outages occur.

Setting Up Parent’s Unit

The parent’s unit is the handheld transceiver provided with every purchase of Angelcare. To assemble:
1.    Insert the specially supplied 4 pieces of NIMH batteries into the parent’s unit.
2.    Obtain the unit’s charger cradle, hook up the corresponding AC adapter, and plug the latter into the electrical outlet.
3.     Place the parent’s unit into the charger and leave to charge for 15 continuous hours prior to first time use.

Synchronizing Nursery and Parent’s Units

1.    Switch both units ON simultaneously. Switching on only one will cause the other to trigger a brief beeping alarm.
2.    Once both units are switched ON, you can readily start using the apparatus with the default factory settings.
3.     Sometimes, one unit may not respond to the other. To correct this:
•    Turn both units OFF at the same time.
•    Switch the parent’s unit ON, and press and hold the button labeled MENU. The “Out of Range” icon should pop up, after which a beep will sound.
•    Switch the nursery unit ON and immediately press and hold the top center button found right below the handle/nightlight. Wait a few seconds until the “tic” indicator light flashes and unit sounds a beep.
•    If both units have been successfully reconnected, the display on the parent’s unit will show any of the transmission channels from C1 to C8, followed by the room temperature readings, and all the icons for the settings.


° Tics. The “tic” sound, when activated, releases ticking sounds that correspond to the baby’s movement.

° Sounds. This feature can be configured to alarm every time baby’s voice is detected. It can be enabled to transmit continuously to function just like an audio monitor as well. To enable:

° Movements. When activated, this enables monitoring of baby’s movements, and releases a continuous audible beep when non-movement is detected.

Perform these steps to activate any or all of the above mentioned settings:

1.    Press MENU and flashing icons should appear on the display.
2.    Press the arrows to highlight the icon of the feature you want activated.
3.    Press the SELECT button to enable chosen feature. Doing so will automatically bring you to the next icon as well.

Perform these additional steps to enable voice activated or continuous sound monitoring, and set sensitivity levels of the microphones on the nursery unit.

1.    Press MENU and choose MICROPHONE for the word ON to appear.
2.    Use arrows to select ON and enable voice activated feature, or OFF to enable continuous transmission. Press SELECT once done.
3.    To set microphone sensitivity levels, press MENU and select MICROPHONE. Choose desired level using the arrows and press the SELECT button to activate said level.

Out of Range Indicator – When enabled, this feature releases a beep when both nursery and parent’s units have been accidentally disconnected. Bringing the parent’s unit farther than the recommended distance could cause the disconnection. To activate feature:
1.    Press MENU, use arrows to proceed to Out of Range icon, and the word OFF will be displayed indicating that the feature is activated by default.
2.    Select ON by using the arrows and press SELECT on the parent’s unit.

Alarms and Vibrations – Note that the vibration mode may not be available on some Angelcare models. When vibration is activated, it will go off when units are disconnected (if out of range feature is enabled); if non-movement is detected (if movement mode is enabled); and temperature levels are out of chosen settings (if temperature control is enabled). To activate alarms and/or vibration:

Press MENU, use arrows to proceed to the wave icon, and press SELECT to enable vibration.
Press MENU, use arrows to proceed to the bell icon, and press SELECT to activate alarm.

NOTE: The vibration feature won’t work if parent’s unit is on the charger cradle or if its batteries are nearing depletion.

Temperature Control.

This function allows choosing of temperature ranges for your baby’s nursery. Three beeps will sound off on the parent’s unit if too high or too low temperature levels within the room occur. To enable:
1.    Press MENU, proceed to the Snow Flake icon, and the current temperature reading will appear. Use the arrows to choose the desired lowest temperature and press SELECT.
2.    Press MENU and the Sun icon will pop up. Use arrows to select highest temperature, press SELECT, and then EXIT.

Choosing the Channel. Interference can be avoided by selecting the most favorable transmission channel. To do so:

1.    Press and hold the SELECT button, and using the arrows, choose any of the channels from C1 to C8.
2.    Press SELECT button once more to settle on the chosen channel.


1.    Do not put any other electrical device in the crib as its subtle vibrations can still be detected by the sensor pads.
2.    Whenever taking baby out of the monitored crib or cot, make sure to turn both nursery and parent’s units off or these will both sound off alarms.

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