How to Choose Perfect Baby Monitor for Your Situation

There are tons of baby movement monitors being sold in the consumer market right now. This makes choosing for us parents a little more challenging. But this profusion in options is also a good thing as it allows us to truly evaluate our specific requirements and match these according to our set budget. So if you’re currently shopping for a baby movement monitor and are quite overwhelmed as to the handful of products presented, then these pointers should help you decide.

Assess Where You’ll Need Most Of The Monitoring Performed

As you probably already know, baby movement monitors come in two basic designs. There are the good old fashioned under-the-mattress units that require set up of a number of components to enable monitoring inside baby’s crib. These models need to be assembled permanently so lugging them around whenever you bring along your child is definitely out of the question.

There are also the more compact clip-on versions of these gadgets. Because these have been constructed to attach onto baby’s diaper, mobile monitoring is then made possible.

Now, you can always get a unit of each design. But if you’re working around a limited budget, then you’ll need to evaluate where you will need most of the movement tracking done. If you rarely bring your baby with you, say to daily errands, or maybe your child has a carer thus eliminating the need to bring him or her along, then perhaps the permanent under-the-mattress set up would be a good choice.

But if you need a device that can be carried around with baby, then the mobile clip-on designs might be worth considering.

Decide On The Features That You Need Most

Different brands showcase different features. But here are some of the most notable oneswhich you might find useful:

•    Rouse Stimulus. This is a feature present in the Snuza Halo brand. It works by triggering vibrations that are meant to wake baby up after a certain period of non-movement is recorded by the device.

•    Time Settings. The normal default time settings before the device will alarm after non-movement is at 20 seconds. But most brands now allow setting the time to as early as 12 seconds.

•    Audible Alarm. Of course, you’d want nothing else but a brand with the loudest possible alarm.

•    Sensor Design. Most under-the-mattress models allow tweaking of the sensor pads’ sensitivitylevels. Such is not available with the clip-on ones though.

•    Power Source. Under-the-mattress models typically require mains power. Clip-on types, on the other hand, are usually battery-powered.

•    Ancillary Features. Some brands showcase additional handy functionalities. There are models that come rigged with nifty nightlights. There are those that come equipped with room thermometers as well.

Determine If Device Will Be Utilized For Co-Sleeping Arrangements

If your baby sleeps alone on a separate bed, then you might want to consider the under-the-mattress type. But if baby shares the crib with siblings, or if he or she sleeps on your bed as well, then you should choose the clip-on version. This is because you won’t be guaranteed with accurate readings with under-the-mattress models. Such will detect all movements and vibrations, meaning, even those that come from the other persons that share the bed with the monitored child.

Decide If The Gadget Will Be Used For Future Children

If you’re a brand new parent, then perhaps adding a new member to the family is the farthest in your mind right now. But if you think you’ll be having more children in the future, then you might want to consider buying a brand which you will be able to surely use in the future. And durability is not the only consideration in this case. You also need to choose brands which allow extended use. This isn’t that much of an issue with under-the-mattress models. But if you’ll be purchasing the clip-on types, make sure that it allows convenient battery replacement.

Determine How Much You’d Be Willing To Pay For The Device

Set a budget and canvass brands accordingly on the web. Under-the-mattress baby movement monitors start at around $90 while clip-on models start at around $80.

It would be advisable to access as much end user reviews as you can from the web. The inputs of other parents will be very helpful as they already have a firsthand experience as to the performance of each brand of baby movement monitor.

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