How Reliable are Baby Movement Monitors?

Baby movement monitors have always been the device of choice for home infant monitoring. Given the very crucial role these devices play, it is then imperative that they deliver without fail the vital monitoring of baby’s breathing movements. Reliability of course depends on the features. And you’re assured your choice of baby movement monitor is reliable if it has these critical factors covered:

1.    Advanced sensor technology is used.

The sensor is one of the most important mechanisms of a baby movement monitor. Without this, the device won’t be able to deliver its intended function. This is why it is very crucial that the sensor system is of high quality and efficient design always. The first indication would be the sensor’s sensitivity levels. It should be able to spot even the slightest and subtlest of vibrations. Secondly, the sensors should be equipped with specific controls that will allow the user to tweak the sensitivity levels. Having this feature helps ensure only the most accurate detection every time, plus helps eliminate false alarms as well.

2.    An efficient alarm system is provided.

Of course, you’d like to be alerted as soon as no movement is detected on your child. So for a baby movement monitor to be considered reliable, it has to be equipped with an alert system that triggers a really audible sound.

3.    If user convenience is provided.

Back in the day, only hospitals got to use baby movement monitors. For one, most of these assemblies were expensive. Also, most of these devices were complex machines that required complicated setup. But this isn’t the case now as more and more baby movement monitor brands have been designed with ease of use in mind. Now, these apparatuses can be assembled without much difficulty. Some don’t even require setup at all. Take the monitor out of the box, clip it into the baby’s diaper waistband, turn the device on, and you can start monitoring right away.

4.    Multiple controls are available to allow more intuitive programming.

We all have different baby movement monitoring needs. And one way to meet these diverse requirements would be through the multiple buttons or controls on the baby movement monitors. If such are present, then each of us parents will be given the ability to configure and tweak the settings according to our particular needs.

5.    Overall construction is sturdy.

Of course, durability is essential too. The device should be well sealed so that a fidgety baby won’t unnecessarily cause the device to pop open. The case housing the sensors should be well-built as well. Such is especially important for under-the-mattress sensors. These components will be constantly subjected to pressure as they will be positioned underneath baby’s sleeping pad. So the former should be adequately protected to ensure the sensors’ function won’t be compromised.

6.    Handy additional features are present.

Reliable baby movement monitors often are equipped with ancillary features that are really useful. There are some brands that feature a rouse stimulus. Baby movement monitors designed with this not only detect breathing movements and alert you when none has been sensed. Such monitors also provide vibrations which are strong enough to wake baby up should he or she stop moving for a given period of time. Settings that help promote better sleep are a good addition as well. A control that allows you to monitor the nursery’s temperatures would be a great example. If such is present, then you can rest easy knowing your baby’s in a room with the most favorable temperatures to help him or her sleep more soundly.

The good thing is that shopping for these devices is easier now with the Internet. Plus we parents get to easily access useful resources such as end user reviews online. This way, we really get to ascertain if our choice of baby movement monitor is really reliable before we even get to purchase it.

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