Snuza Go Review

Snuza Go is a mobile baby movement monitorbrand from the leading baby care product innovator Biosentronics. And just like its name suggests, this device functions by keeping track of a baby’s breathing movements. When none is sensed by the gadget, it sounds off an alarm to notify the parents and/or the child’s carer about the incident. This way, the immediate and proper steps can be undertaken to help rescue the baby. This review will detail all the product’s features and settings to help you decide if this is the perfect brand for your particular requirements.

Movement Monitoring

Snuza Go is a highly effective baby movement monitor and this is made possible by the superior design and engineering of the device. Its highly sensitive sensors are contained within a pliable rubber casing. This way, the sensors stay as close as possible to the baby’s skin to guarantee precise tracking every time.


Snuza Go has been designed to provide a reliable baby movement monitoring mechanism even while parents and the baby are on the go. The device is very lightweight at just 30 grams so it’s not inconvenient to bring around at all. So you can bring your baby with you everywhere you go, even go out of town to visit grandma and grandpa, and still get to count on unfailing movement monitoring. Plus the device comes with a sturdy plastic case. So you can easily and securely pack away the device when baby is awake.


Snuza Go is positioned exactly where the concentration of the breathing movements are—atopthe baby’s abdominal area. Such a positioning ensures that even the subtlest up and down motion of your baby’s tummy is captured and duly recorded.

Perfect for Co-Sleeping

Aside from being the ideal brand for mobile use, Snuza Go is also the best choice for co-sleeping arrangements. Other baby movement monitors, most especially the under-the-mattress ones, detect all vibrations, even those that don’t come from the baby. This isn’t the case with Snuza Go as it is placed right on top baby’s tummy, enabling independent monitoring. So your child can readily share the bed, say with siblings, and you won’t have to worry about incorrect readings at all.


This baby movement monitoring device features a compact ergonomic design. There are no sharp edges that could cause cuts and scrapes on baby’s skin. Plus you won’t have to worry about electrical wires from accidentally entangling and smothering your child at all. What’s best, Snuza Go is securely sealed to ensure none of the parts, which are potential choking hazards by the way, fall off accidentally.

Audible Alarm

Snuza Go is equipped with a very efficient alert system. The alarm sounds it releases are very audible. You can be in the opposite part of the house and you’ll still get to hear the alarm clearly every single time it is triggered.

Highly Programmable

Snuza Go’s alarm will go off every time there is no movement recorded at any given 20-second period. But this is just the gadget’s default configuration. You can always tweak the settings so that the alarm sets off after non-movement either within 15 seconds or 18 seconds.

Power Source

Snuza Go comes equipped with a rechargeable battery upon purchase. This battery can withstand repeated draining and recharging cycles. Furthermore, the battery is guaranteed to last for at least one full year even with continuous use for 18 hours everyday. What’s best, the battery is user-replaceable enabling extended use of the device. So you can simply pack away Snuza Go after your baby’s first birthday, and just bring out thedevice for future movement monitoring of another newborn.

Snuza Go’s role in preventing sudden infant syndrome can’t be overstated. A very reasonable price indeed for the purpose it serves. This device has not only provided the reliable movement monitoring for my baby, but it has allowed us to get more resttoo. Before we acquired it, my partner and I had to wake up countless times during the night to ensure our baby’s just fast asleep in the crib. Needless to say, this lack of sleep made us cranky every morning. But thanks to Snuza Go, we’ve finally gotten the rest and sleep we needed.

A Quick Guide to Using Snuza Go

Snuza Go is one of the best portable baby movement monitors available today. The following is a brief description of its basic operation.

Setting up Snuza Go

The startup test. This shows that the monitoring features are working and that there is enough power.

a) Press the On/Off Button once briefly.
b) The Movement Indicator and the Battery Indicator should light up. The audio alarm should also sound for a short period.
c) The Battery Indicator will light up inany of three different colors to show the state of the battery. Green means full power. Orange signals the battery is near depletion. Red shows that the battery has no power and the device won’t be able to monitor. A red light on the Battery Indicator is also accompanied by a short beep that will sound every second.

If the Battery Indicator shows either an orange or red light, it is highly recommended that you replace the battery. Meanwhile if both indicators don’t flash and the audible alarm doesn’t even sound during the startup test, then you should seriously consider having the device checked by an authorized technician. Read more…