Do You Need Video/Audio Monitor When Using Baby Movement Monitor?

Baby care electronic devices have long been available in the market. These contraptions have been designed with one thing in mind, that is, to help watch over newborn babies to ensure they’re safe and sound. Needless to say, these devices, namely video, audio, and baby movement monitors, have to be used all at the same time to guarantee unfailing monitoring. And when you do so, these are the benefits you’ll get to take advantage of.

A comprehensive monitoring system is made available

Baby monitoring devices have different uses. There are audio monitors and these send out continuous transmission of sounds coming from inside the baby’s room or nursery. This way, all the sounds the baby will make will be heard from a distance through the supplied transceiver, a device that typically looks like a walkie-talkie. Read more…

Baby Monitors Explained (Clip-On and Under-the-Mattress Types)

Baby movement monitors are relatively new baby care devices made available to consumers. These devices are the much simpler yet just as effective counterparts of the apnea monitors that hospitals use. And much like the latter, baby movement monitors also keep track of vibrations that come from the monitored child. At any time the baby ceases to move, the device will set off an alarm so that the parents and/or carer can immediately intervene and save the child’s life.

Two Basic Designs

Baby movement monitors come in two basic designs. The first one is the under-the-mattress type which comes with sensor pads that are meant to be placed beneath the bed or mat where infant will sleep. Read more…

What are Baby Movement Monitors?

Baby movement monitors are highly efficient electronic bio-sensory devices. These gadgets have been designed to be reliable tracking mechanisms for breathing movements. This way, young children, especially those under the age of 1, are properly monitored and guarded from the sinister killer that is SIDS.

How These Devices Work

Baby movement monitors function by recording vibrations. This is made possible by the highly sensitive sensors that are rigged within these devices. The sensors perform an uninterrupted detection of vibrations, and when none are recorded, the alert systems then trigger audible alarms, or continuous flashing lights, or both, to warm parents that the monitored baby failed to move within a given period of time. Read more…

How to Choose Perfect Baby Monitor for Your Situation

There are tons of baby movement monitors being sold in the consumer market right now. This makes choosing for us parents a little more challenging. But this profusion in options is also a good thing as it allows us to truly evaluate our specific requirements and match these according to our set budget. So if you’re currently shopping for a baby movement monitor and are quite overwhelmed as to the handful of products presented, then these pointers should help you decide.

Assess Where You’ll Need Most Of The Monitoring Performed

As you probably already know, baby movement monitors come in two basic designs. There are the good old fashioned under-the-mattress units that require set up of a number of components to enable monitoring inside baby’s crib. These models need to be assembled permanently so lugging them around whenever you bring along your child is definitely out of the question. Read more…

How to Eliminate False Alarms with Baby Movement Monitors?

Baby movement monitors have been the devices of choice of parents who constantly want to be updated of their baby’s breathing movements during sleep. Needless to say, these baby movement monitors feature state-of-the-art designs. However, there are a number of instances when these devices set off unnecessarily. Fortunately, these minor issues can be easily and readily addressed.

1.    Use a diaper size that snugly fits your child’s waist. Cordless baby movement monitors such as Snuza Halo or Snuza Go are meant to be attached onto the diaper waistband. This is so the device’s sensor tipis positioned close to the child’s tummy to precisely detect breathing movements. Of course, a snugly fitting diaper is crucial to ensure accurate detection. So always use the correct size diaper when using mobile or clip-on baby movement monitor types.

2.    Protect the sensor tips. Most mobile baby movement monitors utilize sensors that are sheathed in soft rubber. Needless to say, the electronics underneath the rubber encasing are lined with fine wires. Avoid damage to the wires by not folding the sensor tip. This way, false alarms will not be unnecessarily triggered.

3.    Avoid damage tothe electronics by practicing proper cleaning. Baby movement monitors use complicated electronics that can easily be ruined when not handled correctly. So when cleaning the apparatus, make sure to use only the correct cleaning materials and methods. Do not needlessly get the device wet as such could cause it to short-circuit. Use only a soft towel, preferably microfiber, slightly dampened with mild soap, to wipe the surface clean.

4.    Ensure a stable and firm base for the under-the-mattress type movement monitors. Baby movement monitors that utilize sensor pads require an even and steady base to function correctly. So if you purchased an under-the-mattress apparatus, ensure that its sensors will be set atop a plywood or stiff cardboard base.

5.    Use a mattress recommended by the manufacturer of your under-the-mattress brand monitor. Under-the-mattress baby movement monitors function best when used with bed mats or pads that are just about the correct thickness. Use a mattress that is too thick and the device will not be able to detect any movement and trigger false alarms. Utilize one with springs and the movement monitor might record wrong readings too. So ensure you know what the recommended mattress type and thickness is and use accordingly with your under-the-mattress baby movement monitor.

6.    Configure the sensitivity levels of the sensors. Some baby movement monitor brands such as Angelcare feature programmable sensitivity levels of the sensors. So whenever encountering false alarm problems, try setting the sensor sensitivity to a higher level first before doing any drastic troubleshooting.

7.    Ensure cords are unobstructed. Some baby movement monitor brands, particularly the under-the-mattress ones, require mains power supply to function. When using these types of apparatuses in your baby’s nursery, make sure nothing gets in the way of the cords so that the electrical connections won’t be compromised.

8.    Opt to devise a specially made case for the sensor pads. Babies start to get physically active when they reach three months. This could then cause the sensor pads to get dislodged thus setting off the alarm unnecessarily. If such is the case, you can eliminate the false alarms by putting the sensor pads in a custom-made case. This way, the pads stay in place no matter how squirmy baby gets during sleep.

False alarms on baby movement monitors can be annoying. But this just goes to show how effective these devices are as they function just exactly the way they have been designed to. Of course, no one would want to be unnecessarily distressed. So follow these pointers and you’ll be assured of only the most accurate readings from your baby movement monitor every single time.

Top Three Baby Movement Monitors Reviewed

Shopping for baby movement monitors can definitely be a challenging task for new and longtime parents alike. With the market saturated with tons of brands and models of these devices, it can be quite hard to decide which to buy for your darling newborn’s movement monitoring needs.This review of the top three baby movement monitors aims to help you shop so that you truly get to purchase a brand and model that will best meet your particular demands and requirements.


Angelcare is one of the most sought after brands right now.As a matter of fact, it is the most preferred by parents who require monitoring in a fixed position, that is, inside the crib or bed. Below are the most crucial features this brand showcases:

•    Sensor Pads Fine-Tuning. Angelcare comes with two highly efficient sensor pads. The detection system of these pads is so effective that their sensitivity levels can be regulated. Such functionality is crucial as it helps make sure that false alarms are kept at a minimum always. Read more…

Can You Price Your Child’s Life?

We all spend inordinate amounts of money on baby items—from clothes, to toys, to diapers. But if we really assess and review the things we spend on for our children, most of these purchases are, while undeniably daily essentials, not that crucial when talking in terms of our young babies’ safety and protection from SIDS.

Sudden infant death syndrome has long been claiming the lives of hapless infants. And the scariest and most disturbing thing about this is that until now, medical experts are still at a loss as to what truly causes it. So we can all stay half awake everyday and watch over our children while they sleep in their cribs, or we can make use of ingenious gadgets designed to aid us in monitoring their breathing movements. These gadgets are none other baby movement monitors.

These devices abound in the market right now. Some are portable models while others are the more complicated assemblies. Prices vary greatly too making choosing all the more difficult, especially for new parents who are still inexperienced as to the use and function of these contraptions. Read more…

How Reliable are Baby Movement Monitors?

Baby movement monitors have always been the device of choice for home infant monitoring. Given the very crucial role these devices play, it is then imperative that they deliver without fail the vital monitoring of baby’s breathing movements. Reliability of course depends on the features. And you’re assured your choice of baby movement monitor is reliable if it has these critical factors covered:

1.    Advanced sensor technology is used.

The sensor is one of the most important mechanisms of a baby movement monitor. Without this, the device won’t be able to deliver its intended function. This is why it is very crucial that the sensor system is of high quality and efficient design always. The first indication would be the sensor’s sensitivity levels. It should be able to spot even the slightest and subtlest of vibrations. Read more…

Snuza Go vs. Angelcare

If you’re in the market for a baby movement monitor, then you’ve probably heard of Snuza Go and Angelcare. Both serve their intended function well, that is, to keep track of baby’s breathing movements. This makes selecting a little tricky of course. So if you’re having a hard time deciding on which brand to buy, then this guide should help.

•    Movement Monitoring. Both Snuza Go and Angelcare feature state of the art design and engineering making them two of the most effective baby care devices right now.

•    Sensor Design. Snuza Go is a portable baby movement monitor. Its sensors are contained within the tip of the device itself. Angelcare, on the other hand, is a baby movement monitor that utilizes sensor pads. Read more…

Baby Movement Monitors – Perfect Gift for New Parents!

If you’re currently looking for that perfect gift for your friends who are about to become new parents, then you should highly consider getting them a baby movement monitor. And if you’re thinking you’ll only be handing out a fancy gadget, think again.

Its function

A baby movement monitor, just like its name suggests, is an apparatus equipped with sensors which have been programmed to detect even the slightest of vibrations. So when positioned in close proximity to the baby, the device will pick up the child’s breathing movements. If no movement is sensed, a very audible alarm will be set off. So should the baby cease from breathing for whatever reason, the parents or carer will be able to quickly attend to the baby to perform necessary intervention to save the latter’s life. Read more…