Angelcare Review

Angelcare is undeniably one of the most popular under-the-mattress baby movement monitor brands right now. It is much sought out by parents because of its reliability, durability, and of course, affordability. If quite undecided yet whether or not this product is one which will best answer your requirements, then this point-by-point discussion of its many features should help you in your evaluation.

Movement Monitoring

This baby movement monitor is hailed for its highly efficient sensor systems. The sensor pads’ sensitivity levels can be configured so as to minimize false alarms. The sensors are contained within sturdy and water-proof encasings as well. So the sensors getting compromised from accidental liquid spillage is virtually ruled out.  Read more…

How to Operate Angelcare

Angelcare is one of the most popular under-the-mattress baby movement monitor brands today. Use this simplified guide to facilitate quick assembly and use of the device.

Preparing Baby’s Cot or Crib

Angelcare’s sensor pads have to be placed on a stable and level crib or cot base. This is so the sensors press constantly and firmly into the mattress to ensure correct detection. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this:
Devise a specially cut plywood that’s at least 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick to cover the base’s full size.
Tailor cut a piece of 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick plywood with the exact dimensions as that of the sensor pads.

Positioning Sensor Pad/s

Angelcare’s sensor pads come in one-sensor and two-sensor pad packages. To position:
1.    If what you have is the former, then place the single pad exactly in the middle of the cot or crib.
2.    If you have the two-sensor package, put in the first pad on the region where baby’s head will rest. Meanwhile, the second pad has to be around the foot of the crib where baby’s feet will be.
3.    Use cable or zip ties to secure the pad/s to the cot or crib’s base.
4.    Put in the mattress afterwards. Make sure that the cords of the sensor pads have been run underneath the mattress and onto the floor so these don’t pose danger to your child. Read more…