Can You Price Your Child’s Life?

We all spend inordinate amounts of money on baby items—from clothes, to toys, to diapers. But if we really assess and review the things we spend on for our children, most of these purchases are, while undeniably daily essentials, not that crucial when talking in terms of our young babies’ safety and protection from SIDS.

Sudden infant death syndrome has long been claiming the lives of hapless infants. And the scariest and most disturbing thing about this is that until now, medical experts are still at a loss as to what truly causes it. So we can all stay half awake everyday and watch over our children while they sleep in their cribs, or we can make use of ingenious gadgets designed to aid us in monitoring their breathing movements. These gadgets are none other baby movement monitors.

These devices abound in the market right now. Some are portable models while others are the more complicated assemblies. Prices vary greatly too making choosing all the more difficult, especially for new parents who are still inexperienced as to the use and function of these contraptions.

So before anything else, check the features present in each monitor first. The more the features, the more reliable the monitoring will be. You can check out brands which have rouse functions. These baby movement monitors not only keep track of baby’s tummy and chest breathing movements, but these are ones that trigger vibrations to stimulate baby to breathe should non-movement be detected.

There are baby movement monitors which enable tweaking of the sensor’s sensitivity levels as well. Such a feature is crucial as it helps guarantee precise movement detection, and aids in reducing false alarms too.

Baby movement monitors that come equipped with handy ancillary features wouldn’t hurt too. Some innovative models feature room thermometers on the device. Such will allow keeping track of the nursery’s temperatures to further ensure a safe and conducive environment for the child. Some monitors even come rigged with nightlights. So switching on the nursery’s main lights won’t be necessary whenever checking on baby during the middle of the night.

After scrutinizing the features, you need to make sure your brand of choice is easy to use. Sure, you can get the most expensive model out there, one that boasts of a thousand settings. But if the device is difficult to program much less operate, then you’ve got a real problem in your hands. One moment you know you’ve set the device to monitor your child’s breathing movements, only to find out later that you’ve done otherwise. You’ve not only wasted your money, but you have subjected yourself and your baby to unnecessary danger. So keep in mind ease of use too whenever choosing a baby movement monitor.

There are tons of online resources you can access to help you in your search for the most suitable model. You can check out forums or read online reviews made by parents who have tried the products first-hand. This way, you’ll have a good idea as to which brands are most preferred. You’ll even get useful tips on how to best use these gadgets. And you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that what you’re reading are ones written by fellow parents, people who are just as terrified of SIDS like you.

Bear in mind that baby movement monitors are not your typical consumer gadget product. So assessing whether or not to buy one for your child shouldn’t only involve scrutinizing the price. In the end, you’ll rest easier if you know you’ve obtained a device that’s cost-effective, one that’s reasonably priced yet delivers the most efficient movement monitoring vital for your baby’s life and your peace of mind too.

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