Best Baby Movement Monitor on the Market!

Baby movement monitors are important baby care devices that should be utilized by every family, especially in households with children below one year of age. Doing so will provide the crucial monitoring young babies need so that they are protected from the sinister crib killer SIDS.

But if you’ve done your research already, then you’re probably finding it a little difficult to choose as there are tons of brands available right now. We’ll discuss three of the most sought-after baby movement monitors here to help you choose.

Snuza Halo

Snuza Halo is the first in the line of baby care devices from the manufacturer Biosentronics. The apparatus has been designed with mobile baby movement monitoring in mind. Snuza Halo is a mere 30 grams in weight. It is also small enough that it can be clipped into the diaper waistband without obstructing baby’s breathing and overall movement.

Snuza Halo’s placement right around baby’s abdominal area ensures that all the rise and fall of baby’s tummy and chest areas, no matter how slight or subtle, are detected. Such a positioning makes the device the most ideal choice for when baby needs to share a crib or cot with other siblings as well. Since Snuza Halo is positioned where the breathing movements are concentrated, the chances of false alarms are practically ruled out.

Snuza Halo is perhaps the ONLY device of its kind which is equipped with the vibrating stimulus. This function automatically kicks in to wake baby up when no movement is detected within a period of 15 seconds. So not only will you get a device that alerts you when your child stops moving, but one that will attempt to rouse baby to prod him or her to breathe.

Snuza Go

This model is from the famed manufacturer Biosentronics as well. And much like Halo, Snuza Go is also a portable baby movement monitor, although it has some slight differences with the former.

For one, Go’s timer can be configured. You need not settle with the 20-second threshold at all. You can set the device to trigger an alarm within 15 or 18 seconds if incidence of non-movement is detected.

Secondly, Go does not have the rouse stimulus. So if you’re the type who prefers to perform the quick intervention yourself instead of leaving the task to an electronic device, then this model would be a good fit for your baby movement monitoring requirements.


This brand is perhaps the most preferred under-the-mattress baby movement monitor right now. In fact, some view Anglecare as the household version of apnea monitors that hospitals utilize.

Angelcare comes with a nursery unit. This is the main device where most of the program settings are done. A portable transceiver called the parent’s unit is included as well. Of course, sensor pads, the contraptions that detect breathing movements from the baby, are included with every purchase too.

Angelcare features a number of supplementary features as well. The nursery unit has been fitted with a room thermometer. This feature allows setting of temperature ranges and the apparatus will trigger an alert when the temperature in the nursery goes well below or high above the programmed range. A nightlight is built into the nursery unit too, one that’s just bright enough to allow you to check on baby in the middle of the night without turning the room’s main lights on.

So there you have it, three of the most reliable brands right now. Of course, choose one that sufficiently answers your unique and specific needs. So make sure you review and list your particular requirements first. Doing so guarantees that you get to pick the best baby movement monitor that will aid you in protecting your precious child from SIDS.

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