Angelcare Review

Angelcare is undeniably one of the most popular under-the-mattress baby movement monitor brands right now. It is much sought out by parents because of its reliability, durability, and of course, affordability. If quite undecided yet whether or not this product is one which will best answer your requirements, then this point-by-point discussion of its many features should help you in your evaluation.

Movement Monitoring

This baby movement monitor is hailed for its highly efficient sensor systems. The sensor pads’ sensitivity levels can be configured so as to minimize false alarms. The sensors are contained within sturdy and water-proof encasings as well. So the sensors getting compromised from accidental liquid spillage is virtually ruled out. 

Alarm System

The unit also comes equipped with an audible alarm that triggers beeps loud enough they can be heard from afar. Fast blinking lights are also set off along with the audible beeps to ensure that the child’s parents and/or caretakers won’t miss any non-movement incidents.


Angelcare comes with three different stand-alone components. The nursery unit is the main component that plugs into the power source and the unit needs to be placed permanently and in close proximity to the monitored child’s crib. Sensor pads, usually two, are also included. These have to be set up beneath baby’s mat or bed. Lastly, Angelcare comes with parent units and charger cradles, typically two, and these look like your usual mobile phones. The parent units can be brought along so long as it’s within areas with clear and uninterrupted radio signals.

Handy Additional Features

Angelcare is perhaps the only baby movement monitor brand which comes equipped with additional functionalities which you will definitely find useful. The nursery unit is fitted with a nightlight. Whenever the baby movement monitor is powered, the nightlight automatically switches on too. Such a feature is useful particularly during the night when you need to check on your child. You no longer need to turn the main lights on so that baby won’t be unnecessarily disturbed from his or her deep slumber.

The nursery unit also comes fitted with a room thermometer. Plus, the device allows setting desired room temperature ranges. When the room’s temperature goes below or above and beyond the configured range, an alarm will be set off to inform you about the matter.

Angelcare can be set to issue audible ticking sounds as well. These ticking sounds beep continuously when movement is recorded. If none is detected, then the ticking will stop. Such functionality is very useful as it allows you to constantly “hear” your baby’s movements.


Setting up the components so that they are all synchronized with each other can be somewhat complicated. But this is for good reason as the intricate assembly guarantees that all the device’s showcased features will be activated and thus become useful during monitoring situations.But once you overcome the initial hurdle of programming all the components, there is hardly anything you will need to perform further except to switch on and turn off the device.

Power Source

Angelcare requires that its nursery unit be plugged into a mains power source. But the nursery unit features a battery compartment. It would be advisable to put in backup batteries into the nursery unit. This way, you are guaranteed of uninterrupted monitoring even on cases where there’s a power outage in your location. The parent units, on the other hand, are built in with rechargeable batteries which require periodic charging.

Use for Co-Sleeping

As was said, the sensor pads of Angelcare are positioned underneath the monitored bed or crib. The sensors will then keep track of and record the movements and vibrations that come from immediately above. This then makes the model an unsuitable choice for co-sleeping situations. Say, baby sleeps with older siblings on the same bed which has been rigged with the Angelcare. Should the infant stop breathing and moving for whatever reason, the device won’t set off the alarm as it is still detecting vibrations coming from the other children on the bed.

Angelcare is surprisingly affordable for the purpose it serves. Imagine having a device that’s just a little over $100 and which will provide you with the crucial tracking of your delicate newborn’s breathing movements.

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