Angelcare Baby Movement & Sound Monitor Deluxe Review

In this EXCLUSIVE Angelcare Delux Plus review find out how You too can prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), save your child’s life and get a good night’s sleep using Angelcare Baby Movement & Sound Monitor!

Parents are understandably worrywarts when it comes to their infant children. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably lost thousands of hours of sleep just thinking of the dangers that are ever-present, even when all they’re doing is sleeping in their safely secluded cribs.

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There is one baby care product that made sure my darling child Charlotte got the constant monitoring she needed and in turn gave me the rest I required. Here’s my evaluation of the Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus.

SIDS and How It Made Me Sick With Worry?

Charlotte is my only child. But even though I’m a new mom, I’m not unfamiliar with SIDS, as I have seen a young couple tragically lose their child to this insidious killer. So after receiving the wonderful news of me being pregnant, I started to search for everything there is to know about sudden infant death syndrome.

One thing that stuck in my mind—aside from medical experts still being clueless as to what causes it exactly—is the fact that it can be prevented. And one way is through the use of baby movement monitors—gadgets that release an alarm whenever the infant fails to move within a given period of time.

What Features Needed to be Present?

During my research online, I found out that there are a handful of baby movement monitors out there. Naturally this made my search for that one superior brand more than challenging. So instead of just going ahead reading the reviews on the web, I first created a list of the features I deem are crucial for a baby movement monitor.

And this is what I have come up with:

Great Design. These devices are meant to alert the parents and/or the caregivers every time movement is undetected on the baby. For this crucial function to be delivered unfailingly, the machine has to be of superior design and engineering.

Reliable. Given the ton of work around the house, I can’t be beside Charlotte every single time. This is why it was crucial for me to look for a baby movement monitor that I can count on to give me precise readings every time. This way, I won’t have to constantly check up on her when I’m down in the basement doing the laundry, or in my home office answering emails.

Sturdy overall construction. Monitoring is especially crucial during the first year of the baby. So since I was going to use the machine for this long, I needed for it to be durable. Of course, such a sturdy device would be useful later too, just in case my husband and I decide to expand our family in the future.

Additional handy features. Of course, having a baby movement monitor that provides a handful more useful features wouldn’t hurt.

Why I Chose Angelcare?

It took me a considerable number of hours on research before I finally set my mind on Angelcare. But all the extra effort was definitely worth it. I’m the type who’d scrutinize products before even spending my hard earned money. So knowing my decision for buying Angelcare was an informed one made it all a more satisfying buy. And here are the features that made me decide to go for this product:

1. Perfect for use in cribs. Angelcare comes with sensor pads that are meant to be positioned under the mattress. These pads are highly sensitive and can detect even the slightest and subtlest breathing movements of small infants. Position these pads in the center of the crib and under layers of mattresses, and you can still count on the device to deliver unfailing monitoring of your precious child.

2. Adjustable sensitivity settings. You can easily tweak the sensitivity levels of the pads. So if you’re worried about the thickness of the mattress compromising the pads’ ability to detect movements, then you can boost the sensitivity levels anytime.

3. Sound and light alarms. Angelcare sets off a loud sound and fast blinking lights if baby movement is undetected in 20 seconds. So you can perform usual tasks around the house and not worry about missing the alert from the apparatus.

4. Multiple alert modes. A handy “tic” sound can be activated. If movement is detected, then the ticking will be continuous. But if there is absence of movements, then this sound will not be heard. Of course, there are the light and sound alarms too.

5. Strong signal. Angelcare provides eight radio channels so that you won’t have trouble searching for a channel with the least interference.

6. Comes with two “parent units”. These are handy transceivers that are equipped with rechargeable batteries and come with charger cradles. The units can either be programmed to vibrate or sound off when lack of movement is not detected. These come with clips at the back as well so you can easily bring them with you while performing tasks around the house. What’s best, these units have been equipped with powerful antennas. So should you be far from the main unit, say, you’re in the backyard mowing the grass, you’ll never have to worry about a weak signal at all.

7. Multiple power source. This device can operate using electricity or batteries. So if for some reason there’s a power outage, then you can still count on it monitoring your infant’s breathing movements by simply using batteries.

8. Low battery indicator. The parent units have LEDs that blink and alert you whenever there is a need to recharge the batteries.

9. Handy ancillary features. This apparatus comes built in with a room thermometer. So you can easily monitor the nursery’s temperature settings to ensure your baby is sleeping comfortably and safely. Furthermore, it comes with a nifty night light too. So should you need to check in on your baby during the night, you won’t need to turn on all of the lights in the nursery.

What’s Included?

A handful of items are included for every purchase of Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus:

Two durable moisture-resistant sensor pads.

The main nursery monitor unit that comes with a handle, and provides night light and room temperature reading functions as well.

Two parent units with their own charger cradles.

And two AC adapters and eight AA rechargeable batteries.

What Others are Saying?

Other parents who are as terrified of SIDS as I am have these to say about Angelcare:

“I work in the medical field, and I can say that this baby movement monitor, when used correctly, works just like the complicated apnea monitors hospitals use. But for a much cheaper price that’s accessible to consumers, of course.”

“I sincerely thank the makers of Angelcare for coming up with a product that’s been instrumental in preventing SIDS.”

“We spend thousands on items such as strollers, cribs, clothes, and milk. So might as well spend extra on a handy device that’ll ensure our babies are breathing while they’re sleeping, right?”

“Being already a mother to a two-year-old child, I knew I was to lack some more sleep once my new baby arrives. But thanks to Angelcare, I have gotten more hours of restful sleep than I can remember! Wish I bought this device for my first child then!”

“This is one of the few baby care products I will never regret of spending on. For a little over $100, I get to ensure that my baby is safe and breathing in his crib while I get the much needed sleep I’ve been longing to have since his birth.”

Any Complaints?

While a highly efficient product in my opinion, there are a number of drawbacks that have been noted by other parents. These are:

Complicated installation. Setting this machine up from the box can be particularly challenging. But in my humble opinion, this is but to be expected as Angelcare is a highly programmable baby movement monitor. So this initial difficultly in installation, once overcome, provides you with a machine that can be tweaked and configured to match all your demands and requirements.

Positioning the pads can be tricky. As was mentioned, the pads have to be positioned beneath the mattress. Inevitably though, especially if your baby is like my Charlotte, the pads’ positions can be messed up, causing the alarm to go off. But this issue should be solved by crafting a specially made case for the pads so that these don’t separate unnecessary. Plus, you can always just adjust the pads’ sensitivity levels afterwards if you’re concerned of them not properly detecting your baby’s movements.

Where to purchase Angelcare Monitors?

Angelcare is a highly accessible product and a handful of popular online stores carry it. What’s best, you get to acquire a product that’s backed by a competent after-sale client support. So should you have any questions or concerns, you can always call Angelcare’s hotline and count on timely and relevant response every time.