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I am Una, a mother of a beautiful and lively one-year old daughter Charlotte. My child reaching this big milestone in her life has not been easy, particularly for me and for my husband. We treasure every second we have with Charlotte. What we were not keen on, and have been the cause of many frantic nights, were the moments when she was asleep.

I suppose it doesn’t matter if it’s your first child, or second, or third, and so on. A parent is always on worry-mode when a new member of the family arrives. The first year is unquestionably the most delicate year for the baby. It is also the most sleepless and nerve-wracking 365 days for the parent. I have just recently passed this milestone; my daughter Charlotte is now a year old.

Apparently I’m a worrier, but honestly, what parent isn’t? Just like every new or old mother and father out there, my mind is constantly sifting through a hundred things that could go wrong and affect my child. This cycle ran a little faster when Charlotte was getting through her first year. And if I had to pinpoint a particular fear that literally left me awake at night during this period, it would be this insidious combination of letters—SIDS.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is not a bogeyman that doctors just invented and sometimes invoke to scare a parent straight. It is a very real and very possible tragedy. Although my family has been fortunate enough to be spared, a couple I know was not so lucky with her 4-month old baby…

The two characteristics of SIDS that really gets to me, and probably for other mothers as well, is that (1) it happens when your baby is asleep, and (2) there isn’t any immediate or directly identifiable cause.

Needless to say, I read every material I could get my hands on about this crib killer. And when Charlotte was born, I used every preventive measure I learned.

I purchased 3 (YES, THREE!!!) baby movement monitors:

Snuza Halo
Snuza Go
Angelcare Delux Plus

I used Snuza Halo together with Angelcare under-mattress monitor and Snuza Go while traveling, visiting Charlotte’s grandparents.

Like all moms out there, I too take every imaginable precautionary measure to ensure my darling daughter is safe at all times. Back from the day my husband and I happily found out we were pregnant, to those difficult nine months of carrying my child in my womb, to the first few days from the hospital with Charlotte looking so fragile, I made sure that all the proper care and monitoring would be given to her.

Now that we have happily passed that one year stage, I decided to create a blog about SIDS and baby movement monitors as I truly believe more people should be aware of these products!

Don’t go and purchase all monitors though – take a look at my baby movement monitor reviews here and decide which one is most suitable for your baby and family.

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Una & Charlotte