A Quick Guide to Using Snuza Go

Snuza Go is one of the best portable baby movement monitors available today. The following is a brief description of its basic operation.

Setting up Snuza Go

The startup test. This shows that the monitoring features are working and that there is enough power.

a) Press the On/Off Button once briefly.
b) The Movement Indicator and the Battery Indicator should light up. The audio alarm should also sound for a short period.
c) The Battery Indicator will light up inany of three different colors to show the state of the battery. Green means full power. Orange signals the battery is near depletion. Red shows that the battery has no power and the device won’t be able to monitor. A red light on the Battery Indicator is also accompanied by a short beep that will sound every second.

If the Battery Indicator shows either an orange or red light, it is highly recommended that you replace the battery. Meanwhile if both indicators don’t flash and the audible alarm doesn’t even sound during the startup test, then you should seriously consider having the device checked by an authorized technician.

Ensuring a proper fit. Snuza Go is designed to be clipped onto the diaper’s waistband so that the sensor is constantly in contact with the baby. The sensor is the soft rubbery colored tip. Consistent and accurate movement monitoring is thus dependent on a proper fit.

a) Use a diaper of the correct size.
b) Fold the thin flap on the top of the diaper’s waistband to make this edge thicker for Snuza Go’s clip to latch on.
c) Fasten the waistband adjusters in such a way that the diaper is a snug fit around the tummy.
d) Clip Snuza Go on the waistband, preferably centered at the baby’s tummy. The clip is on the underside of the device and this naturally goes on the inside of the waistband and the topside faces out. Use the full reach of the clip.

If the diaper is a proper fit, the baby movement monitor’s sensor should comfortably touch the baby’s tummy. Take note that a full diaper may also loosen it. Without a snug fit, the sensor will lose contact and the alarm will automatically sound, giving off a false alarm.

Activating Snuza Go and its features

Turn the unit on/off. Press the On/Off button briefly to turn on the device. Press the On/Off and the Mode/Off buttons simultaneously to turn off the device.

Movement Indicator. This flashes with every movement and the light is color-coded. This is the main function and is active by default, as soon as you turn on Snuza Go and the start-up test is completed.

•    Green indicates normal movement.
•    Orange indicates small or weak movement.
•    Orange with Movement-rate Warning sound means that less than 8 movements per minute are detected. This warning sound is a two-tone beep that sounds every second.
•    Red with full audible alarm signals that no movement has been detected in the last 15, 18 or 20 seconds.

Movement-rate Warning. This feature is automatically activated when the device is turned on but it can be disabled by pressing the Mode/Off button for less than a second until you hear a beep. To activate the feature again, turn off Snuza Go then turn it on again.

Alarm Activation Period. The full audible alarm (with red Movement Indicator) can be set to go off if no movement is detected within 15, 18 or 20 seconds. To set these Alarm Activation periods first make sure the device is turned off. Press the Mode/Off button for 5 seconds until a beep sounds and both indicator lights flash briefly.

The Movement Indicator will then start blinking. The number of blinks indicates the set alarm period:

15 seconds = 1 blink
18 seconds = 2 blinks
20 seconds = 3 blinks (default)

Press the On/Off button to scroll through these three periods. Once an activation period is chosen, press the Mode/Off button to store it. If no buttons are pressed within 30 seconds after entering this settings mode, Snuza Go will automatically turn on with default settings.

Audible Tick. Snuza Go can sound a ‘tick’ for every movement. Briefly press on the Mode/Off button (less than a second) to turn on this feature. Press the button a 2nd time to increase the ‘tick’ sound to medium volume. Press it a 3rd time for a high volume. Turn off the Audible Tick feature by pressing the button a 4thtime, this is marked by a singular loud beep.

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