A Quick Guide to Using Snuza Go

Snuza Go is one of the best portable baby movement monitors available today. The following is a brief description of its basic operation.

Setting up Snuza Go

The startup test. This shows that the monitoring features are working and that there is enough power.

a) Press the On/Off Button once briefly.
b) The Movement Indicator and the Battery Indicator should light up. The audio alarm should also sound for a short period.
c) The Battery Indicator will light up inany of three different colors to show the state of the battery. Green means full power. Orange signals the battery is near depletion. Red shows that the battery has no power and the device won’t be able to monitor. A red light on the Battery Indicator is also accompanied by a short beep that will sound every second.

If the Battery Indicator shows either an orange or red light, it is highly recommended that you replace the battery. Meanwhile if both indicators don’t flash and the audible alarm doesn’t even sound during the startup test, then you should seriously consider having the device checked by an authorized technician. Read more…

Top Three Baby Movement Monitors Reviewed

Shopping for baby movement monitors can definitely be a challenging task for new and longtime parents alike. With the market saturated with tons of brands and models of these devices, it can be quite hard to decide which to buy for your darling newborn’s movement monitoring needs.This review of the top three baby movement monitors aims to help you shop so that you truly get to purchase a brand and model that will best meet your particular demands and requirements.


Angelcare is one of the most sought after brands right now.As a matter of fact, it is the most preferred by parents who require monitoring in a fixed position, that is, inside the crib or bed. Below are the most crucial features this brand showcases:

•    Sensor Pads Fine-Tuning. Angelcare comes with two highly efficient sensor pads. The detection system of these pads is so effective that their sensitivity levels can be regulated. Such functionality is crucial as it helps make sure that false alarms are kept at a minimum always. Read more…

Can You Price Your Child’s Life?

We all spend inordinate amounts of money on baby items—from clothes, to toys, to diapers. But if we really assess and review the things we spend on for our children, most of these purchases are, while undeniably daily essentials, not that crucial when talking in terms of our young babies’ safety and protection from SIDS.

Sudden infant death syndrome has long been claiming the lives of hapless infants. And the scariest and most disturbing thing about this is that until now, medical experts are still at a loss as to what truly causes it. So we can all stay half awake everyday and watch over our children while they sleep in their cribs, or we can make use of ingenious gadgets designed to aid us in monitoring their breathing movements. These gadgets are none other baby movement monitors.

These devices abound in the market right now. Some are portable models while others are the more complicated assemblies. Prices vary greatly too making choosing all the more difficult, especially for new parents who are still inexperienced as to the use and function of these contraptions. Read more…

How Reliable are Baby Movement Monitors?

Baby movement monitors have always been the device of choice for home infant monitoring. Given the very crucial role these devices play, it is then imperative that they deliver without fail the vital monitoring of baby’s breathing movements. Reliability of course depends on the features. And you’re assured your choice of baby movement monitor is reliable if it has these critical factors covered:

1.    Advanced sensor technology is used.

The sensor is one of the most important mechanisms of a baby movement monitor. Without this, the device won’t be able to deliver its intended function. This is why it is very crucial that the sensor system is of high quality and efficient design always. The first indication would be the sensor’s sensitivity levels. It should be able to spot even the slightest and subtlest of vibrations. Read more…

How to Operate Angelcare

Angelcare is one of the most popular under-the-mattress baby movement monitor brands today. Use this simplified guide to facilitate quick assembly and use of the device.

Preparing Baby’s Cot or Crib

Angelcare’s sensor pads have to be placed on a stable and level crib or cot base. This is so the sensors press constantly and firmly into the mattress to ensure correct detection. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this:
Devise a specially cut plywood that’s at least 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick to cover the base’s full size.
Tailor cut a piece of 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick plywood with the exact dimensions as that of the sensor pads.

Positioning Sensor Pad/s

Angelcare’s sensor pads come in one-sensor and two-sensor pad packages. To position:
1.    If what you have is the former, then place the single pad exactly in the middle of the cot or crib.
2.    If you have the two-sensor package, put in the first pad on the region where baby’s head will rest. Meanwhile, the second pad has to be around the foot of the crib where baby’s feet will be.
3.    Use cable or zip ties to secure the pad/s to the cot or crib’s base.
4.    Put in the mattress afterwards. Make sure that the cords of the sensor pads have been run underneath the mattress and onto the floor so these don’t pose danger to your child. Read more…