Snuza Halo VS Snuza Go

Snuza Halo and Snuza Go are cordless baby movement monitors from the manufacturer Biosentronics. Both Snuza monitors are mobile, battery powered and while they may look almost identical, there are some crucial differences you should be aware of.

I will compare these two products here to help you decide on a model that best answers your requirements.

Movement Monitoring. Both Snuza Halo and Snuza Go feature state of the art design and engineering. So you can expect only the most comprehensive and efficient movement monitoring for your precious child from both these high-tech models. Read more…

Why Use SIDS Baby Monitors?

SIDS baby monitors are not your usual baby care devices. These apparatuses have been designed and engineered to detect an infant’s movements to ensure that the child is breathing and is safe in the crib.

SIDS – A silent killer

SIDS is, sadly, a syndrome that’s still perplexing medical experts up to now. But one thing is for sure, this continues to claim the lives of young children around the world. We can worry all we can. Or, we can educate ourselves as to the ways which can help prevent this from endangering our child, some of which are:

* Do not, at all costs, subject your child to second-hand smoke. If you’re the mother, do not smoke or get exposed to second-hand smoke at any time during the length of your pregnancy. Once the baby is born, ensure that no one in the household smokes inside the home.

* Children who have tragically died of SIDS have been found to have unusually high amounts of the pathogens staphylococcus and E. coli in their bodies. So ensure that your child only uses clean and sterilized items to minimize risk of bacterial infections.

* Breastfeed as long as you can, even if it’s a very demanding and a literally painful task. When you do so, your child will be healthier and stronger, not to mention get to be fed with food that’s really clean. Read more…

How to Operate Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor?

Snuza Halo is a cordless device that monitors your child’s breathing movements while he or she is asleep. Follow this guide for correct assembly and use to guarantee proper detection of the apparatus and to assure you get your peace of mind.

Setting Up

Press the ON/OFF button found at the front bottom left portion of the device briefly. Snuza Halo will automatically activate all the indicator lights, the rouse mechanism, and the alarm sound. The battery indicators will light up afterwards too. It will show Green if the battery is working just fine, Orange if it’s nearing depletion, and Red if totally depleted and requiring replacement.

NOTE: Only use Snuza Halo if its battery indicator shows Green or Orange. If it’s the latter, ensure to replace the battery ASAP. Read more…

Snuza Halo VS Angelcare

Snuza Halo and Angelcare are undoubtedly two of the most compared baby movement monitor brands right now. So if you are confused as to which model to obtain, then this point-by-point comparison should help you decide.

  • Movement Monitoring. Both Snuza Halo and Angelcare provide efficient monitoring of baby movements. However, each features very different sensor designs. Snuza Halo is compact and its sensors are contained within the tip of the device itself. Angelcare, on the other hand, comes with sensor pads that are meant to be positioned underneath the mattress where baby will sleep.
  • Rouse Feature. This function works by releasing gentle vibrations when non-movement within a given period of time is detected. Furthermore, these vibrations are adequate to wake baby up to prod him or her to breathe. Snuza Halo is equipped with this feature while Angelcare is not. Read more…