What is SIDS?

Just as the name states, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is the unexpected and unexplained death of an infant. SIDS is what medical professionals call a diagnosis of exclusion. It is attributed to the infant’s death when no cause could be revealed even after a forensic autopsy, an investigation of the death scene, or a study of the child’s and family’s medical history. Its inexplicableness is what primarily characterizes it as a disease. The fact that it typically happens to children less than a year old, occurs during sleep, and there are often no apparent signs of suffering gives this diseasea particularly tragic and frightening nature.

Different Terms Used

The more traditional and common names for this disease are cot death or crib death, derived from its more likely occurring when the baby has been put to sleep. There are variations on its modern label ‘SIDS’ and the differences are based on which particular field is attempting to investigate the death and at what stage the investigation is progressing. Read more…

How to Minimize SIDS Risks?

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is an insidious crib killer that continues to claim the lives of young children around the world. And the scariest thing about SIDS is that it still is amedical mystery. Sure we don’t know exactly what causes it. However, there are concrete actions we can take to ensure our beloved children don’t fall victim to this syndrome.

* Consult a doctor to help you come up with the most appropriate prenatal care program. Lack of proper prenatal care can result in baby’s low birth weight, an established risk factor for SIDS. So when you find out you’re expecting, seek the advice of a medical specialist at once. Doing so ensures that your yet unborn babywill get the suitable attention during this delicate stage in the womb. Read more…

Do You Need Video/Audio Monitor When Using Baby Movement Monitor?

Baby care electronic devices have long been available in the market. These contraptions have been designed with one thing in mind, that is, to help watch over newborn babies to ensure they’re safe and sound. Needless to say, these devices, namely video, audio, and baby movement monitors, have to be used all at the same time to guarantee unfailing monitoring. And when you do so, these are the benefits you’ll get to take advantage of.

A comprehensive monitoring system is made available

Baby monitoring devices have different uses. There are audio monitors and these send out continuous transmission of sounds coming from inside the baby’s room or nursery. This way, all the sounds the baby will make will be heard from a distance through the supplied transceiver, a device that typically looks like a walkie-talkie. Read more…

Baby Monitors Explained (Clip-On and Under-the-Mattress Types)

Baby movement monitors are relatively new baby care devices made available to consumers. These devices are the much simpler yet just as effective counterparts of the apnea monitors that hospitals use. And much like the latter, baby movement monitors also keep track of vibrations that come from the monitored child. At any time the baby ceases to move, the device will set off an alarm so that the parents and/or carer can immediately intervene and save the child’s life.

Two Basic Designs

Baby movement monitors come in two basic designs. The first one is the under-the-mattress type which comes with sensor pads that are meant to be placed beneath the bed or mat where infant will sleep. Read more…

What are Baby Movement Monitors?

Baby movement monitors are highly efficient electronic bio-sensory devices. These gadgets have been designed to be reliable tracking mechanisms for breathing movements. This way, young children, especially those under the age of 1, are properly monitored and guarded from the sinister killer that is SIDS.

How These Devices Work

Baby movement monitors function by recording vibrations. This is made possible by the highly sensitive sensors that are rigged within these devices. The sensors perform an uninterrupted detection of vibrations, and when none are recorded, the alert systems then trigger audible alarms, or continuous flashing lights, or both, to warm parents that the monitored baby failed to move within a given period of time. Read more…

How to Minimize SIDS Risks

SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is an ever-present risk that endangers the lives of babies under one-year of age. And the alarming thing about this syndrome is that medical experts still can’t pinpoint what causes it exactly. But while this is the case, there are a number of things we parents can implement to avoid this from happening.

During Pregnancy

A number of risk factors during pregnancy have been identified for SIDS. To ensure you minimize the chances of the syndrome from occurring when your child is born, keep in mind these things:

1. Pregnant women should not, at all costs, smoke at any time during the length of the pregnancy. The fetus’ exposure to nicotine seems to be the culprit in this case. Read more…

How to Choose Perfect Baby Monitor for Your Situation

There are tons of baby movement monitors being sold in the consumer market right now. This makes choosing for us parents a little more challenging. But this profusion in options is also a good thing as it allows us to truly evaluate our specific requirements and match these according to our set budget. So if you’re currently shopping for a baby movement monitor and are quite overwhelmed as to the handful of products presented, then these pointers should help you decide.

Assess Where You’ll Need Most Of The Monitoring Performed

As you probably already know, baby movement monitors come in two basic designs. There are the good old fashioned under-the-mattress units that require set up of a number of components to enable monitoring inside baby’s crib. These models need to be assembled permanently so lugging them around whenever you bring along your child is definitely out of the question. Read more…

What Causes SIDS?

Whether you’re a parent or not, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard of SIDS. This notorious combination of letters has long been feared around the world, not only by parents of newborn children, but just as equally by the medical community.

SIDS And How It Continues To Elude The Experts

Sudden infant death syndrome has long been claiming victims around the world. Sadly, it might just continue to do so as up until now, medical experts still don’t have a clue as to just what particularly triggers it. Of course, since this is the case, then doctors are also unable to issue concrete advice as to when it can happen to your child. We parents can continue to live in anxiety, or we can do all we can to educate ourselves about this child killer. Read more…

Angelcare Review

Angelcare is undeniably one of the most popular under-the-mattress baby movement monitor brands right now. It is much sought out by parents because of its reliability, durability, and of course, affordability. If quite undecided yet whether or not this product is one which will best answer your requirements, then this point-by-point discussion of its many features should help you in your evaluation.

Movement Monitoring

This baby movement monitor is hailed for its highly efficient sensor systems. The sensor pads’ sensitivity levels can be configured so as to minimize false alarms. The sensors are contained within sturdy and water-proof encasings as well. So the sensors getting compromised from accidental liquid spillage is virtually ruled out.  Read more…

Snuza Go Review

Snuza Go is a mobile baby movement monitorbrand from the leading baby care product innovator Biosentronics. And just like its name suggests, this device functions by keeping track of a baby’s breathing movements. When none is sensed by the gadget, it sounds off an alarm to notify the parents and/or the child’s carer about the incident. This way, the immediate and proper steps can be undertaken to help rescue the baby. This review will detail all the product’s features and settings to help you decide if this is the perfect brand for your particular requirements.

Movement Monitoring

Snuza Go is a highly effective baby movement monitor and this is made possible by the superior design and engineering of the device. Its highly sensitive sensors are contained within a pliable rubber casing. This way, the sensors stay as close as possible to the baby’s skin to guarantee precise tracking every time.


Snuza Go has been designed to provide a reliable baby movement monitoring mechanism even while parents and the baby are on the go. The device is very lightweight at just 30 grams so it’s not inconvenient to bring around at all. So you can bring your baby with you everywhere you go, even go out of town to visit grandma and grandpa, and still get to count on unfailing movement monitoring. Plus the device comes with a sturdy plastic case. So you can easily and securely pack away the device when baby is awake.


Snuza Go is positioned exactly where the concentration of the breathing movements are—atopthe baby’s abdominal area. Such a positioning ensures that even the subtlest up and down motion of your baby’s tummy is captured and duly recorded.

Perfect for Co-Sleeping

Aside from being the ideal brand for mobile use, Snuza Go is also the best choice for co-sleeping arrangements. Other baby movement monitors, most especially the under-the-mattress ones, detect all vibrations, even those that don’t come from the baby. This isn’t the case with Snuza Go as it is placed right on top baby’s tummy, enabling independent monitoring. So your child can readily share the bed, say with siblings, and you won’t have to worry about incorrect readings at all.


This baby movement monitoring device features a compact ergonomic design. There are no sharp edges that could cause cuts and scrapes on baby’s skin. Plus you won’t have to worry about electrical wires from accidentally entangling and smothering your child at all. What’s best, Snuza Go is securely sealed to ensure none of the parts, which are potential choking hazards by the way, fall off accidentally.

Audible Alarm

Snuza Go is equipped with a very efficient alert system. The alarm sounds it releases are very audible. You can be in the opposite part of the house and you’ll still get to hear the alarm clearly every single time it is triggered.

Highly Programmable

Snuza Go’s alarm will go off every time there is no movement recorded at any given 20-second period. But this is just the gadget’s default configuration. You can always tweak the settings so that the alarm sets off after non-movement either within 15 seconds or 18 seconds.

Power Source

Snuza Go comes equipped with a rechargeable battery upon purchase. This battery can withstand repeated draining and recharging cycles. Furthermore, the battery is guaranteed to last for at least one full year even with continuous use for 18 hours everyday. What’s best, the battery is user-replaceable enabling extended use of the device. So you can simply pack away Snuza Go after your baby’s first birthday, and just bring out thedevice for future movement monitoring of another newborn.

Snuza Go’s role in preventing sudden infant syndrome can’t be overstated. A very reasonable price indeed for the purpose it serves. This device has not only provided the reliable movement monitoring for my baby, but it has allowed us to get more resttoo. Before we acquired it, my partner and I had to wake up countless times during the night to ensure our baby’s just fast asleep in the crib. Needless to say, this lack of sleep made us cranky every morning. But thanks to Snuza Go, we’ve finally gotten the rest and sleep we needed.

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